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Worth BB Brown Baritone


Brand: Worth


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Worth Brown Fluorocarbon Baritone Ukulele Strings BB 63 (D-G-B-E) Enough For 2 Sets

For Baritone Ukulele
Unwound Strings
100% Fluorocarbon Nylon
Tuning: D-G-B-E with Low D
Full set of 4 Strings
Medium Tension
63 Inches Long = Enough For 2 Full Sets
String Diameter:
Low D - 0358
G -0319
B - .0291
E - .0224
Worth Brown Strings have a warmer and softer tone compared to Worth Clear Strings

Hand-Crafted In Japan
For Baritone Ukulele Tuning D-G-B-E with Low D
Sold as a set of 4 strings
Enough for 2 full sets of strings
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