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AER Domino 3 Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amplifier


Brand: AER

Sold out, please call 02 9817 2173 for next shipment.

What was supposed to be an update turned into a different class ... Domino 3. Now really stereo, with two twin cone speakers and high performance poweramps. Two independend effect units, with 16 presets each, separately address pairs of the four equally equipped channels (1, 2 and 3, 4).

A little software tool (Windows only) connects your computer and the amp to modify effect parameters and create and save your own effects.

2 x 100 watts, dynamic control

2 x 8“ twin cone stereo speaker system.

Quad-channel acoustic system

32 bit AER digital effect processor with 16 presets.

PC Software for managing individual effect presets

16,00 kg (35.50 lbs)

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