Amplified Nation

Amplified Nation Bombshell Overdrive Combo 50W G12 65 Black Tolex /Black Fender.

Step into the ultra-boutique world of Dumble style amplifiers. Using knowledge gained from having real Dumble amplifiers in our shop, the Bombshell Overdrive is our iteration of the Overdrive Special; a three preamp tube, two channel amp equipped with preamp boost on both channels. Its cascaded gain-stage and excellent master volume allow flexibility with all volume levels and many different flavors of overdrive.

We designed this amp to be remarkably easy to dial in and be abundant with Dumble attributes. The Bombshell is harmonically rich and has the most beautiful cleans with a smooth high-gain overdrive just a click of the footswitch away. Robben Ford style “High Plate Skyliner” preamp.

The amp comes with a heavy duty AC power cord, two button footswitch (channel/boost) and also a custom locking DIN footswitch cable.

Bold powerful cleans with legendary overdrive

6L6 powered 50
6V6 powered 22w
Two cascading channels Clean/Drive
4/8/16 ohm speaker output impedance switch
Channel switching with Preamp Boost
Two-button footswitch with locking DIN cable
Size: 21″ W x 10″ T x 10″ D
Weight: 30lbs 50w

Tax included.