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DSL Lightbolt Black/Black (Gold) Strap

Brand: DSL


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The DSL Lightning Bolt strap features a classic lightning-bolt design running from just behind the shoulder to the front strap pin. Special three leather layer construction ensures that the silver or gold leather is recessed, nullifying potential stitch ripping and protecting the metallic finish.
Each strap is handmade in Australia from hand-sourced highest quality leather. The top of each strap is made from tough but supple medium weight leather, while the backing is extra soft and comfortable full-grain garment quality leather. Metallic leather is of the highest quality and is made in Australia.

  • Handmade in Australia
  • Classic tough interweave tail for adjusting strap length
  • Top colour: Black with gold lightning bolt pattern
  • All leather double-stitched for strength
  • Available with silver or gold lightning bolt

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