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Xotic Soul Driven Boost / Overdrive

Brand: Xotic California


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Add “Soul” to your sound by producing creamy boost and overdriven tones that enhance harmonics while maintaining the transparency of your guitar tone. The pedal is equipped with incredibly flexible tone shaping options to help customize your sound. The “Mid boost” knob pushes the mid-range frequencies creating rich dynamics and the “Tone” knob (not just your ordinary tonecircuit) can be set from a super tight bottom end to “in your face" highs. Soul Driven will help you dial in the “sweet spot” every time.

Dimensions (w/d/h) 110mm X 60mm X 50mm
Weight 270g
Power Consumption 9vdc/4ma or 18vdc/6ma
Battery Type 9vdc (006p) x 1
AC Adapter (optional)9vdc, negative tips (regulated recommended)
Input Impedence 500k ohm (min)
Output Impedence 10k ohm
True Bypass Switching

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