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Savarez 500CJ Blue High Tension New Cristal Corum

Brand: Savarez

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The Savarez Cristal Corum high-tension strings are a clear choice for your classical guitar. They get their “Cristal” name from the transparency of the nylon treble strings. This clarity is made possible through the use of an improved form of nylon and Savarez’s high-tech manufacturing methods that use laser beams and photoelectric cells to monitor the precision and consistency of the string’s gauge. This computer-controlled method results in a transparent string with a perfectly true intonation and a smooth surface for optimal feel. These strings are now used in all Savarez sets that include nylon trebles.

The silver-plated wound bass strings received their own share of innovation, too. Savarez has perfected manufacturing techniques that give these bass strings unmatched flexibility with fast answer. This performance is accomplished by reducing the internal friction of the strings. This allows the string to produce a more extended sound and an increased sound level with less vibration.

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